Lechón – a traditional Filipino style roasted pig known for crispy skin and soft, tasty meat.

Lechon Legacy
In the mid 80s and 90s, my Uncle Boy (every Filipino family has at least one) was making Lechon somewhere in the suburbs of Chicago. In the mid 90s, he moved to Las Vegas and continued making lechon for all of Sin City. My Uncle Boy went into business with Aunt Baby (see a trend?) and dominated the lechon scene for years.

Today, Uncle Boy and Aunt Baby retired and the lechon legacy lives on with my Aunt Baby’s son and his wife with Lechon Las Vegas!

Lechon Chicago was born….
After 40 years, my Uncle Boy’s lechon comes back to Chicago!

Taking that family recipe that was so successful in Las Vegas, we decided to bring back the lechon here in Chicago.

After years of talking about lechon to my friends, family, coworkers at nauseum… Finally in 2023, Lechon Chicago LLC was born!

We’re proud to keep the legacy alive from Uncle Boy and continue to deliver that
so delicious tender meat and that crisp of the skin right here in the Windy City!

If you want to hear more stories of the Lechon Legacy or just want to taste the history for yourself, contact us at orders@lechonchicago.com